Weight Pull Results

Winter Weight Pull 2016 Results

MWP Apollo 4,000 lbs
MWPP  Lochlan 33.89x
10x legs: Gracie
15x legs: Gander & Wally
20x legs: Lochlan, Holly, Sage, Charlie, Taffy, Zuko, Royce, and Apollo

MWP Apollo 4,120 lbs
MWPP Apollo  33.23x
10x legs: Gracie & Envy
15x legs: Sage, Jackson, & Wally
20x legs: Holly, Charlie, Zuko, Royce, Sentry, and Apollo

MWP Royce 4,000 lbs
MWPP Charlie 35.42x
15x legs: Sage, Jahi, Zuko, & Wally
20x legs: Lochlan, Holly, Charlie, Hanna, Gainey, Royce, Sentry, Jackson, and Apollo

MWP  Royce 4,360 lbs
MWPP Royce 37.59x
10x legs: Gracie, Zuko & Jackson
15x legs: Jahi, Gainey, & Wally
20x legs: Holly, Sage, Charlie, Hanna, Royce, Sentry, and Apollo