Pack Hiking

Strap on a pack and join the fun! Pack Dog hikes offer an opportunity to get back to nature amongst the support and encouragement of other Swissy owners. Hike intensity will vary with terrain, but this is a sport that most Swissies can excel in with just a little effort put towards preparation. Dogs need to be fit and ready to carry 20% of their body weight over a 10 mile trail. Owners must be fit enough to tag along.

Earning a Pack Dog Leg(s) towards a title requires the dog and handler team to complete a ten mile hike, 8 mile back to back hikes or a 5 mile (each way) primitive overnight camping trip. The dog carries a sturdy back pack loaded with 20 or 30 percent of its body weight. Pack weight can only be reduced through the hike by normal consumption of water and snacks carried.

The legs can then be applied toward appropriate titles including:

NWPD-Novice Working Pack Dog
WPD-Working Pack Dog
WPDX-Working Pack Dog Excellent