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Weight Pulling

Weight Pulling demonstrates the physical brawn of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the strength of heart this breed exhibits to please its master. Working away from the handler with no physical contact allowed, the dog must start a cart from a standing position and pull the cart a total of 15 feet. Swissies show off sheer physical strength and earn titles as proof of their willingness to work. Swissies have demonstrated extreme abilities and the current wheeled record pull stands at over 4800 pounds.

Weight Pulling is akin to a tractor pull. Dogs compete to see who can pull the most weight 15 feet. The handler has no contact with the dog during the pull, so it is up to the dog’s willingness to pull. To earn a GSMDCA weight pulling title, the Swissy must successfully pull the following:

WWD – 10 times their body weight at 4 separate qualified events
WWDX – 15 times their body weight at 4 separate qualified events
WWDS – 20 times their body weight at 3 separate qualified events